About Dine Out

Dineout.com.my aims to be the definitive online restaurant guide, providing the focal point to millions of diners who wish to savour the best fine dining experience Malaysia has to offer.


Key features of the site:

We bring you honest and up-to-date reviews (good or bad!) which act as guides to eating at the best places. Hence, our tag line, ‘Know Where Malaysians Eat’. With our comprehensive search engine, finding the right place to suit the right occasion has never been easier!


Your reviews

As well as providing our own reviews, we encourage users to add restaurant reviews themselves – whether they’ve had a good or bad experience. With this system, people can enjoy their meal and get precisely what they expect.

Your contribution is essential in ensuring that the site offers a balanced view. As everyone’s dining experience varies, your reviews and ours collectively help to establish a fair guide to diners. If you haven't added a restaurant review yet, why not support the site and add one today? You will also be in the running to win a great prize.


Scoring restaurants

In addition to reviewing restaurants, users can also score their dining experience from 1-5. This is another great way to get a balanced view because we show you the average score from all reviews. Restaurant scores also provide you with the best performing restaurants in town.