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"A Good Place to Chill"

Created On 05-11-2013

I recently handed in my thesis and have been feeling rather restless as I didn’t know what I could do with all that free time. When some friends called me out for some food adventure, I quickly jumped to the idea.
As it was too early to have dinner, we decided to hang out at Bakita so that we can grab a couple of beers.  Flipping through the menu, there is a variety of finger food plus main meals, with a combination of both Western and Asian cuisine.  We decided to stick to snack food, so we ordered Korean Wings and Fish and Chips.


The place was rather quiet with romantic love songs playing at the background.  While Michael Bolton was crooning his ballads to us, we chatted excitedly about our week at work and gossiped about our “oh-so-terrible” bosses while waiting for the food to arrive.  I noticed that the place is your typical pub/bar that has a variety of beers and alcoholic selection and would be a rather good place for you to chill and hang out.



The Fish and Chips came encased within a medium, thick slab of luscious fish but turned up slightly limp probably from the heat and steam that made them soft. The freshness of the fish was questionable as it was not very fresh but nothing a touch of tartare sauce can’t do to mask the taste. The portion of fries was generous and they were fluffy on the outside and grease-less on the outside.


All in all, Bakita is a good place to hang out and drink but don’t expect fantastic food to accompany the drinks. Rather set your expectations on maybe finger food to go down sweetly with the pints of beers.


Food: 2/5
Drinks: 5/5 – good variety of alcohols and non-alcoholic drinks
Ambience: Casual, relaxing atmosphere decked with sophistication
Pros: For ballad lovers, this place would be a great place to relax and chill

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