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Brew & Bread
"More than coffee and bread"

Created On 14-05-2014

Written with passion by Caleb Ho
Images captured by Ter Mei Ching

As you leave the hot sunny outdoors and step towards the glass door, you either feel like waking up to coffee for brunch or comfortably setting yourself down in a corner to relax with one of the dozen magazines from their reading rack. It depends on what day and what time you’re there but one thing’s for certain, Brew & Bread does not disappoint.

Flipping through their menu, you realise they offer more than what their name says. However, do note that future outlets such as their latest in One City USJ will stay true to their name. So, if you’re feeling more than just coffee and pastries, you’ll want to head over to their original outlet in Kota Kemuning, which is where we are today.

We start off with the Prawn Aglio Olio, cooked to al-dente perfection as requested, lightly oiled with a medley of bell peppers, prawns, ham, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, dried chilli, chilli flakes and roasted garlic. Everything is done just right – prawns are fresh and springy, mushrooms are soft and flavourful and the chilli certainly kicks in after a few bites. At RM15 for a fairly sizable portion, it’s a steal! Just a hint though, things don’t stay the same forever and that goes for the price too. Be sure to grab a plate next time you’re there (soon).

Many people have been telling me to try their Eggs Benedict (RM18). Well, they’re right to talk about it. Although the eggs were slightly over-poached, we understand that on a busy Sunday brunch, perfection can’t always be achieved. The eggs are topped with B&B’s own hollandaise sauce and that was good enough but the adventurous self in me squeezed off some juice from the accompanying slices of orange and that gave it a tangy citrusy character – something I enjoyed.

B&B surprised me with their Chicken Roulade (RM18). It was plated neatly with brown sauce and pumpkin mash lining the sides of the plate, giving it that balance of saltiness and sweetness. The chicken was slightly crisp on the outside and tender with a carrot-stuffed center.

Satisfied with their savoury selections, it was time to whet that sweet appetite of ours. While waiting for pastries to be warmed, we took sips from our Mocha (RM8) and Picollo Latte (RM7). I’m not a regular coffee drinker so I’ll let my coffee aficionado friend comment on the Mocha, “It’s light. The sweetness level is just nice although the chocolate is slightly lacking.” That’s what she said. Good thing our Double Chocolate Doughnut (RM4) arrived soon after to satisfy our chocolate cravings. If you close your eyes, you think it’s cake. The texture isn’t all too fluffy and that’s not a bad thing, especially if you like a doughnut that’s moist with a chocolate-center.

I haven’t had a Lamington (RM9) in quite a while so I wasn’t going to pass this up. The bits of coarse coconut sprinkled over the smooth chocolate coating covering layers of vanilla sponge give this an interesting texture between fluffy, creamy and crunchy. The Peppermint Choc (RM9) has well-balanced flavours going through the layers of peppermint cream, chocolate sponge and chocolate mousse. We loved how it was not too sweet but the peppermint cream is slightly lacking in punch.

We ended our satisfying Sunday afternoon having a chat with one half of the owner, JJ, and were pleased to know that more outlets will be opening soon. For those who are part of Malaysia’s expanding coffee culture, this can only be a good thing.

Brew & Bread
10, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M31/M,
Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam 40460
Tel: 03-51315201

Opening Hours:
8:00am – 7:00pm (Closed on Thursdays)



Food: 4 / 5
Drinks: 4 / 5
Service: 4.5 / 5

Ambience: With its wooden and glass structure, it feels homely enough. Depending on the day and time, you either get lively chatter or quiet relaxation. It has a small covered outdoor section and a larger air-conditioned interior.

Pros: Blink and you might miss the fact that there is no government tax and service tax included on the bill. They proudly proclaim this on their website and I take my hats off to them for offering such excellent service and not charging for it.

Cons: Perhaps it might get a little over-crowded during peak hours (lunch) and getting a table, especially for a large group might be a challenge.

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