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Buka Puasa Special
Ramadhan Buffet at Kembali Kitchen

Created On 11-07-2014

I’ll be honest – when it comes to traditional Malay cuisine, my experience has been rather limited and common. So if you are like me, being able to feast at Best Western Premier Hotel’s Kembali Kitchen Buka Puasa buffet is treat (and an experience) for the taste buds with its vast offering of popular dishes that hail from all parts of the nation.


From an assortment of sambal to ulam, traditional rendang and for the sweet tooth, a wide variety of local desserts, the Ramadan spread serves not only as a delicious end for those who have been fasting the whole day but also for non-fasting foodies who want to explore Malaysia’s best culinary dishes all in one spot. Kembali Kitchen is after all known for its emphasis on traditional dishes, with a few Western flavours for variety. Add on the live ghazal performance by Arawsa Band and what you have is a true kampung feel that is reminiscent of a makan-makan get-together for the entire “village”.


Among the signature dishes at the spread is of course everyone’s favourite: Chicken and beef satay. This is served over your usual condiments of ketupat, peanut sauce, onions and cucumbers. Another highlight according to the hotel staff is the nasi biryani. Cooked with just the right amount of spices, the rice goes best with the assortment of rendang (chicken, beef, mutton, crabs and prawns).


Located outside of the dining area is the grilled area where the sight (and aroma) of a whole lamb roasting on a pit is drool-worthy. No doubt, this is one of the more popular dishes so be sure to head here first if you don’t want to miss out on pieces of succulent meat. If you’re not too much of the meat eater, then there is also an assortment of grilled seafood.


As for the noodle station, a range of different styles is served over the entire Ramadan to offer diners variety. Up on the menu during this review is the laksa Kedah, a well-flavoured fish laksa that is quite similar to the asam laksa. Worth noting is also the Indian corner where a chef is on hand to make chapati from scratch served with Indian curries.


And for everyone’s favourite end to a buffet: Desserts. At Kembali Kitchen, you are spoilt for choices. Have your pick from the range of both local desserts like DIY ais kacang, kuih-muih, dodol and Western delights like apple tart and crème brulee.

The plus to this buffet? The fact that dishes are rotated on a regular basis for variety, inviting you to visit more than once during Ramadan. So if you are up for a month-long treat on signature Malay cuisine that is normally hard to come by, then make sure you kembali to Kembali Kitchen.


Best Western Premier Kembali Kitchen Buka Puasa Buffet is priced at RM98++ per adult and RM58++ after 9pm. Prayer rooms are available for Maghrib, Ishak and Terawih prayers.

Read here for more information on Kembali Kitchen


Written with passion by SC CHUA 

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