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Bumbu Desa
"Serving Up Sundanese"

Created On 19-08-2013

Bringing Sundanese cooking to Malaysian shores, Bumbu Desa provides an authentic, “home style” Indonesian culinary experience to its diners.

This is immediately evident at its outlets. The rustic ambience of Bumbu Desa @ the Curve, much like its menu, is welcoming and unpretentious.

If you find it difficult to navigate through the menu, as the extensive list of items and Indonesian names can be rather confusing, fear not. In keeping with the Padang-style dining experience, you can also walk up to the counter and point out the dishes you want, because they are all on display there.

Padang-style dining experience at Bumbu Desa

One of their best-sellers, the Ayam Bakakak, was the first to catch my eye. Marinated in special Indonesian herbs and spices, the chicken undergoes three different cooking methods, to produce a spicy-sweet flavour.

The Ayam Bakakak on display at the counter.

The grilling is usually done last. Once a customer orders the chicken, the chef gives it a quick grill, resulting in its distinctive charred flavour and aroma.

The Ayam Bakakak (RM22.20 for Half Chicken) – goes great with rice and gulai

Their Gulai Cumi is another must-try item. The cumi or squid is stuffed with tofu and cooked in this creamy aromatic curry that goes perfectly well with steamed white rice. Unlike some gulai which can be pretty heavy for an afternoon lunch, this one was quite light, not very spicy, and did not weigh down my appetite.

Upon the restaurant manager’s recommendation, I also sampled the Ayam Cabai Ijo, a Sundanese specialty translated to mean “Green Chilli Chicken”.

Coated in their signature, very-spicy green chilli paste, the chicken is steamed, which explains its tender and moist texture. The dish is certainly not for the faint-hearted, as the green chilli can work up a sweat if your palate isn’t accustomed to spicy food.

Ayam Cabai Ijo (RM11.50) – not for the faint-hearted!

If you enjoy the nutty flavour of tempeh, then the tempe kering – fried with peanuts, anchovies and coated with the restaurant’s special caramel sauce – is a must try!

A twist on the usual tempeh, which can have a sourish taste, the tempe kering at Bumbu Desa is nutty, crunchy and slightly sweet – perfect accompaniment for rice, or simply to snack on. 

Tempe Kering – I could polish off a bottle-full of these while watching a movie.

While it would have been wonderful to finish-off the meal with some Indonesian sweet-treats, my stomach unfortunately just did not have the space for it.

However, I will definitely return to Bumbu Desa, this time with a bigger appetite, to discover more about home-style Sundanese cuisine.


Clockwise from top: tempe kering, spicy condiments, sambal udang and ayam cabai ijo.

Bumbu Desa @ The Curve

Lot G49, Ground Floor, the Curve, Mutiara Damansara

47800 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03 7729 1612


Food: 4/5
Ambiance: Rustic.
Pros: Good variety and wholesome Sundanese food.
Cons: Slightly overpriced for what some may consider “local” food.

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