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"Creativity At Its Best"

Created On 05-11-2013

Written with passion by Beverley Nah

Daikanyama was a pleasant discovery.  A couple of friends and I were strolling along Changkat Bukit Bintang for some food when we stumble upon Daikanyama.  Straddled along the famous Changkat Bukit Bintang street Daikanyama could have been easily missed if not for the waitress standing outside of the restaurant calling for us to have a look at the menu.  The first thing that captured our attention was the menu which was in designed in the form of the Japan subway.  Feeling relatively impressed, we thought, “Why not?” 

Inside the restaurant, Daikanyama is prettily decorated with wooden tables, wooden chairs and benches.  The benches were wrapped up with some sort of cushion in pretty pastel colours.  In the middle of the restaurant was a little garden area, very Zen-liked which is covered up with glass panels just for smokers to have their fix!  The restaurant is split to two levels perfect if patrons who wish to have private parties or events here.

We were greeted by the very pleasant and friendly waitress Mai-Mai, who instantly explained the whole menu to us.  Mai-Mai explained to us that Daikanyama is not your typical Japanese restaurant.  The restaurant has a fusion touch as they like to experiment by mixing and matching Japanese food with other cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Mexican and others.  Every three months they collaborate with few restaurants around town, whereby they would take the ingredients of that particular restaurant, play around with it and comes up with its own menu.  This time around, Daikanyama is collaborating with Simply Mel’s Malacca Portuguese cuisine.

We told Mai-Mai to surprise us a bit of everything and boy did she bring us a variety.  First came the Tako Wasabi Shot (RM10 per shot) which is a mixture of diced raw squid, thinly slice okura (ladyfingers) and some wasabi.  It really looks strange and none of my friends were brave enough to try.  Gathering up my courage, I gulp down the whole shot and my mouth was instantly filled with slimy juice.  Swallowing the juice, I managed to taste a hint of wasabi while chewing on the squid and okura.  I have to say, it actually taste pretty good - something that food lovers should try.  Next, came the Sake Bomb Maki (RM30 for a plate of about 8 pieces) which is soft shell crab sushi topped with salmon and some special sweet sauce and the Salmon Truffle Oil Tataki (RM34 for a plate).  The Sake Bomb Maki is your average maki but the Salmon Truffle Oil Tataki was really yummy.  It is a roll of potato salad, top with slightly cooked salmon and fried potato crisp sprinkled with a dash of truffle oil.  The truffle oil gives a very aromatic smell. 
We also had the Saikoro steak (RM28 for a plate) which is typical teppanyaki beef which tasted absolutely divine.  The sweet sauce blends well with the medium cooked beef and the beef was really tender and juicy.  I absolutely loved it.  The last dish we had was Debal Yakitori (RM10 for 2 sticks) which is the collaboration with Simply Mel’s ingredients.  The chicken yakitori was cooked with some spicy sauce that tastes a little bit sweet yet sour and topped with some fried ginger.  Of the 5 dishes that we had, the yakitori wasn’t our favourite.

While enjoying our dinner, the owner of the restaurant popped up and said hello.  He had a little chat with us and offered us some beers and ice-creams.  The guys had Japanese beer from the KiuchiShuzou brewery and I had the privilege of eating 3 types of ice-cream.  The ice-cream is another collaboration Daikanyama has with CieloDolci.  The first is the usual macha (green tea) ice-cream top with red bean which was slightly soft and does not have a strong green tea taste.  The other two are Miso Ice-cream and Teriyaki ice-cream.  It sounds weird I know, but it isn’t that bad.  The teriyaki ice-cream was pretty creative – it taste a bit like caramel and the texture was firm and creamy unlike the macha ice-cream.  However, the Miso ice-cream was way too salty and the taste is overpowering.  My friend, who had a spoonful of the miso ice-cream, froze for a second and looked at me with his eyes rolling sideways.  I couldn’t help but laughed.  Probably not the best combination.

We all left the restaurant feeling satisfied as the meals were good and the service was good too.  I was also told that the restaurant was voted top 10 restaurants in KL by Tripadvisor.  Go check it out.   
42, Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang, 50200   
Tel:  03-2141 0323
Food: 4/5
Drinks: 4/5 
Service: 4/5 

: Casual and cosy perfect for gatherings
Pros: Very creative in their combination of food.  Food lovers must try!
Cons: Maybe certain food combinations just weren’t meant to be

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