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La Bodega
"Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

Created On 09-09-2013

A little cafe/restaurant tucked away on the busy streets of Bangsar where you're greeted with big Hellos and smiles and you immediately feel at home.

A bodega means a warehouse in Spain where wine is sold, but La Bodega Upstairs on Telawi, Bangsar is a quaint cafe/restaurant where you can get delicious tapas, full-on breakfasts, freshly brewed coffee and of course, a wide selection of wine. Placed next to Ozmosis Spa, under the same umbrella of Gastrodome Sdn Bhd, La Bodega Upstairs reminds me of a cross between a Russian tea room and Spanish styled streetwalk cafes. Plush velvet couches in deep red adorn the main area where noir arthouse photographs of people hang across the walls, dark wooden tables for four are placed against the window panes to allow free flow of sunlight and the bar area where boardgames, magazines and books adorn the shelves.

The great thing about La Bodega Upstairs, well to me anyways, is that I can saunter in on a Sunday at 3pm, in dark sunnies to hide the results of the previous night's debaucheries and in slippers and shorts to have a satisfying plate of English Breakfast, with scrambled eggs, beans, sauteed mushrooms and choice of beef bacon or chicken sausages. Yes, they serve All-Day-Breakfast. If I feel like a healthier option, I can choose the juicy fruit salad with yogurt or one of the house specials of Power Fruit Juices combos. They also serve tapas, and I would highly recommend the Lamb Cutlets - grilled lightly till pink and succulent then topped with a garlicky sort of mayo - a bite makes me smile.

La Bodega Upstairs is also one of those places where you can go when you're stumped with what to do on a boring weekend and order a bottle of Australian chardonnay and play Pictionary with your mates. The staff are always friendly, to the point that you think if they aren't, they might lose their jobs. On Wednesdays, they have live band night where everyone sings along and the Happy Hour prices are value for money. To sum it up, La Bodega Upstairs is one of the cosiest and most comfortable place for me, and I would/am going back there all the time.

La Bodega
Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur


Food: 4/5
Drinks: 4/5 
Ambience: Modern & Vibrant

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