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La Risata
"Laughter is brightest where food is best"

Created On 21-08-2014

You are literally being transported to some friendly Italy town upon stepping into La Risata, which has been making waves (and believes will continue to do so) at the suburb of Ampang since 18 years ago.

Charmingly decorated with exposed brick façade that exudes the very essence of Italian dining, La Risata which means “The Laughter”, welcomes you to a mirthful, gastronomic journey of authentic Italian food prepared sumptuously by Executive Chef Ming, who has been helming La Risata’s kitchen for a 16 good years! That explains why it is so well-known and regarded as one of the best restaurants in town serving hearty Italian fare, as acclaimed by my gourmand buddy, who immediately recognizes the restaurant décor seconds after I shared its rusty interior even without any caption yet, at CarpeDiem. Wow, truly éclat!


Apart from the cordial greetings rendered by Shah (Restaurant Manager) and his ever committed team, you would also be enchanted by its double-storey skylight courtyard enhanced by a vintage yet majestic chandelier at the middle of the warmly-lit premise.

Touted as one the famous bevanda, I tried Virgin Mojitos as recommended. True enough, it’s very refreshingly awakening with its fragrant mint leaves and lime juice with Italian soda. An all-time companion, especially during the sultry day.  Alcohol-free though :)
Greeting us first and foremost, antipasti Panzerotti Ripieni. New kid on the block with modern twist of oceanic tinge.


Panzerotti Ripieni Con Salmone, Uova, Spinaci E Formaggio (MYR 28)
Deep-fried pizza dough stuffed with spinach, salmon, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and egg yolk accompanied with cold spicy tomato sauce and fresh green salad.
Very well done with flaky and juicy salmon bites, together with the lovely medley of spinach-cheese and appetizing dipping. We are rather astonished by the delightfully thin and fluffy dough that encrusts the oozing filling, if weren’t told it’s of the pizza dough; we would mistake it for phyllo pastry. Perfecto!
Soon, the main entrées found their ways to our table.


US Grilled Angus Grain Fed Tenderloin 100days- 250g  (MYR 78)
The thick slab of undercut is bountiful with voluptuous tenderness, succulently grilled to perfection with roasted vegetables and green beans with 3 choices of sauce to compliment with.
**Sauce: Creamy Mushroom / Cheese Gorgonzolla / Brown Sauce
I personally opine that the flavor intensity goes ascendingly from Gorgonzolla, Brown and Mushroom Sauce. Surprisingly, the cheese relish over here is accommodating and pleasantly mild that definitely suits the palate of all walks’ of life. Not being bias here albeit the fact that am an ardent cheese gourmet. Try it out yourself and thou shall fathom.

Sagliola Baked (MYR 56)
A nutritious dish of wood-fired oven baked whole New Zealand Sun Fish drizzled with truffle olive oil served with potpourri of grilled mixed vegetables. It is saporous and delicious, not too overpowering but comes with different gustatory layers.
The julienned capsicums and brinjals have indeed added some crunch to the Barramundi fillet, alongside the nutty pine nuts, which is also humbly enhanced flavourfully by anchovies at the same time. That explains the accompanied slight brininess that is aromatic and quite addictive as well.

Capellini Al Nero Con Frutti Fi Mare
  (MYR 35)
Gone are the days where squid ink pasta is deemed as an unorthodox delight locally. With the ever-evolving discerning epicures of late, you can see almost each table would have this signature plate.
The angel hair pasta is done al dente, tossed in a squid ink sauce specially brought in from Spain, garnished with fresh big prawns, chewy squid and paired with sweetly roasted cherry tomatoes.

White Pizza (Pizza Bianco)
A double happiness of both worlds; Mushroom and Duck Pizza!
This is a pizza variety that contains no sauce, just a genuine slathering of cheese with your preferred toppings. Interesting and truly indulgent!


Mushrooms Pizza (MYR 36)
A toothsome rendition of mushroom, button mushroom, fontina, parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

D'anatra Pizza (MYR 36)
Smoked duck breast with caramelized onion, crunchy rockets, anchovies, and mozzarella. Uber-awesome as it is savoury, robust and yet light at the same time. Fans of smoked duck breast would surely love it dearly!
One of the most anticipating treat has come, dessert’s time!
Sweet (DOLCI)

Zucotto (MYR 18)
Liqueur dome cake filled with chocolate and vanilla cream with almond, hazelnut and chocolate bits.
** You could also request it to exclude the alcohol contents if you prefer.


Chocolate Cake 
(MYR 16)
Flourless dark chocolate cake with a melting chocolate center- best eaten while served hot per se, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And you just can’t go wrong with it!


 (MYR 16)

Gratifying Sicilian fried pastry shell filled with a moderately sweet cream cheese dipped in chocolate and pistachio bits. There is so much going on in just one crispy bite that it just spices up your day effortlessly. Moreover, the velvet mascarpone has also certainly heightened up the delectation and it naturally wins me over the rest of the two desserts. Thumbs up!
Having only shared some of the many tantalizing dishes here, there are in fact much more scrumptious cartes for you to discover, from their vast array of promising menu. So, do head over here one day to experience and relish in the plethora of true Italian delights, only at La Risata.
Food: 4 / 5
Value: 3 / 5
Service: 4.5 / 5
Ambience: 4 / 5
Written & captured with passion by Lwin Lee
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