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"Down under in Mont Kiara"

Created On 09-09-2013

A taste of Melbourne in the neighbourhood

Providore in Solaris, Mont Kiara is the answer to every Melbourne alumni or ex-residents who have decided to move to KL. Having lived in Melbourne for four years, one of the most important things which I missed was the cafe/restaurant culture. I've never been a big fan of commercialised Starbucks or Coffeebean, preferring more personal service and freshly ground on-the-spot coffee beans so if you have the same taste buds as I do for coffee, I highly recommend Providore.

The seating space is very limited so best make reservations beforehand. Albeit cosy and a bit tight-fitting, I can see Providore being a good place for holding events, intimate birthday parties or small engagement drinks. The lighting is dimmed down during dinner time to create ambiance and the ceiling to floor glass entrance allows ample natural lighting to flow in during the day. There's a chalk board at the bar wall which lists down the specials of the day as the menu's quite limited. By the way, Providore is a non-halal restaurant and they use actual pork bacon, not the pretentious fake beef bacon so notch another victory for fans of bacon living in KL.

I had the Caesar Salad with poached eggs for starters and although it did not make me feel compelled to jump up and down on my chair in gusto, it was a fairly decent Caesar Salad. The lettuce was crisp, bits of bacon always a delight but slightly heavy handed with the dressing. For the main, I had a Rib Eye Steak with side of grilled asparagus and mashed potato - total comfort food. It was a recommendation from one of the co-owners and brother, James Ding who grew up in Melbourne, but decided to make KL home a few years ago so why not bring Oz to wherever he goes. Great idea, as the steak (a good cut and quality as well) was grilled to a very juicy and tender medium rare - just the way I like it - and the mashed was creamy, with bits of potato skins. My only jibe was the asparagus was a tad overdone.

Providore also serves a good and petite selection of wines but priced reasonably well compared to other restaurants. I would definitely make a return trip for their BBQ Sundays and to try their Barramundi before they change their menu every three months. If you're ever around the area, pop by (it's the same row as Guardian Pharmacy) and grab a bite to eat or just a coffee, and you'll be hooked. I was. 


Food: 3/5
Drinks: 3/5
Ambience: Clean & Comfortable!


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