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Soup Restaurant
"Samsui Chicken from the Yesteryears!"

Created On 05-11-2013

I have always love going to the Soup Restaurant in 1Utama because of the my penchant for Chinese soups.  This restaurant has a variety of soups ranging from ginseng chicken to lotus root that are boiled to perfection and taste absolutely divine.  

A group of friends and I were at the restaurant last Friday for dinner.  The restaurant is rather traditionally decorated with its wooden fixtures and fittings and is divided into several sections so that the place does not look too crowded but instead has a pleasant ambience to it.  Soup restaurant started out in Singapore in 1991 and now has a chain of restaurants all over Singapore as well as one here in 1Utama in Malaysia.
We ordered about 6 dishes between the 5 of us which includes the soup of the day (Winter melon soup), Sweet and Sour Pork, Superior Soup Spinach with Century Egg, Deep Fried Fish with green onion, and the restaurant’s signature dish, the Samsui Ginger Chicken and the Ah Kong Fan Shu Yip.  
For the first time after having been to the restaurant several times before, the quality of the food dropped a little.  The Winter melon soup was good, very well boiled proves to be hearty satisfying soup which seem to have been brewing slowly for hours over the stove. It is deeply aromatic and the has savoury accents punctuated by the soft winter melon.  

My all time favourite dish, the Sweet and Sour Pork just melts in your mouth. The flavours of the garlic, sweet pineapple, ginger and peppers permeates your tongue leaving you wanting for more each time. The sauce is not sickeningly sweet or gooey which makes it’s a great accompaniment with just plain white rice. Fresh, light while still leaves me highly satisfied.
The famous house favourite Samsui Ginger Chicken remained consistently good with the accompaniment of their signature freshly chopped ginger sauce. The chicken meat is so tender and isn’t drenched with greasiness. However, the rest of the other dishes did not live up to its standard, especially the deep fried fish which lacked any flavour.

One very important note to point out is that the restaurant does not use MSG which means you don’t get parch after food.   Overall, the food hasn’t been superb this time around but I would still give it another go before I make my final judgement.   The restaurant is definitely a good place to bring your family especially the old folks as I they would enjoy some of those classic hometown food. 
Food: 3/5
Drinks: 4/5 – they have their own homemade herbal drinks
Ambiance: Cosy and nice though after a while the stools are slightly uncomfortable
Pros: Hearty home made soup and the Samsui Ginger chicken just like how grandma used to make them
Cons: Service can be a tad slow at busy times

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