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The Red Beanbag
A bagful of wonderful surprises

Created On 24-02-2015

It’s the weekend and we join the queue to make a beeline to one of the hippest cafes around Publika. It’s a no-brainer to rock up to The Red Beanbag to enjoy a relaxing, lazy Sunday (or any other day), sipping away their award-winning coffee. People around you are busy Instagramming their food or coffee and it’s no wonder why this hip café is one of the busiest around town. The proof? - they cook up to 1000 fresh eggs a day.
The Red Beanbag, located inside Publika in Solaris Dutamas, is a stylish, contemporary café that has a rustic charm with a dash of sophistication. Spacious though a little dimly lit, the place is decorated with rows of beanbags that have simple wordings painted on them.

Their signature dishes, The Atlantic and Benedict III are the best representation of how scrumptious hollandaise sauce on perfectly poached eggs should be. A clean-tasting cured salmon; and cubes of sautéed mushrooms topped on a bed of fluffy French toast are featured in The Atlantic. The Benedict III, a crowd favourite, features Portobello mushrooms with a hint of garlic.

A gentle nib on the egg and the juicy yolk oozes out, giving us a delightful and satisfying warmth. 

Between the two, our choice goes to Benedict III, simply because the next best thing we love besides eggs is a perfectly roasted garlic butter Portobello mushroom. The mushroom had a hint of garlic and goes really well with the French toast that came with the dish. 
Next up was Smashing Avocado that comes with glazed beef bacon, mashed avocado, feta cheese & sourdough toast topped with two poached eggs. The dish was a good match although we think they may have missed out on the feta cheese. 

The Lamb Shakshuka, a Mediterranean-inspired dish, came with eggs poached in spicy tomato broth. The slow-braised lamb was delicious and, like most of the menu, eminently shareable. It came with a slab of fluffy roti canai good enough to mop up every last bit of the broth. The lamb was so tender it broke easily and simply melted in our mouths.

There is an air of youthfulness and enthusiasm that you get from the wait & kitchen staff here. As we interviewed Chef Faizal, a cheery experienced chef, it’s clear that he leads his kitchen staff with lots of passion and dedication to serve the best Australian café-inspired dishes. On the other hand, Barista Jason Lo, who is a soft-spoken yet proud winner of the Malaysia Barista Championship two years in a row, exudes immense fervor to serve the best coffee around town. He personally travels to source the best Australian coffee beans specially blended for the restaurant.

We have since joined the throngs of folks updating my IG with salivating pictures of our food and coffee from The Red Beanbag. It’s without a doubt that we will be back to savour their other dishes though maybe next time, we will avoid the weekend crowd. Until then, we shall be gazing at our pics from The Red Beanbag with soulful longing.


Food              : 4/5

Drinks            : 4/5

Service           : 5/5

Ambience      : For the hipster in you, this is the place to sip the award-winning coffees to chill and catch up with your friends.
 One of the few best spots to reminisce your days of sitting in an Australian cafe.

Pros              : Jason Lo is Malaysia's Barista of the Year for two consecutive years. Need we say more?

Cons              : There’s really nothing bad about this place, unless of course the queues on the weekend.

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Written with passion by Bev Nah & Lisa Chan

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